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When you are always getting migraines, it can be very hard to notice when your body is showing symptoms of something else. A lot of symptoms that are early signs of a flu or a cold can get mistaken for an oncoming migraine. Whenever I feel dizzy, nauseous, or lose my appetite, I know I am about to be in a lot of pain. When a migraine hits, the brain can’t really get a handle on much else since the pain is so intense. This was an issue during the winter. It all started when my boyfriend told me that I was coughing quite a bit. I was also getting a lot of migraines during that time, so I assumed it was just another symptom to add to the list. Weeks went by before I knew what the actual issue was. I was pulling an old pair of shoes from under my bed when I spotted the true fiend behind my current migraines. A colony of mold had sprouted all the way across the underside my bed frame! I couldn’t believe it. Mold spores spread so easily, especially in an apartment like ours with no real air ventilation. The only way I could get rid of the mold at this point was to completely kill it, make sure the space where it was was dried, and then run straight to the store to get an air purifier. I didn’t hesitate on getting one of the pricier ones and a more expensive set of air filters. I was not about to skimp out on something imperative to my health. Air quality in a home or apartment is very important, and should not be something to try and save money on. The air you breath can really affect your health for better or worse.

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