Installing the window air conditioning

My mother is getting older, and with age, she has been experiencing some complications. She is always tired, cranky, and full of complaints – and that’s on a good day. The top of her complaints is her hot flashes. She experiences such strong hot flashes that she finds it difficult to ever be comfortable. When her body temperature swings up, she breaks out into profuse sweating, which makes her even more uncomfortable, especially when she is in a public place! These hot flashes have greatly impacted her work life, as well. She has to spend a lot of time outside trying to cool down, and while her manager doesn’t like it, she understands what she is going through. She has been spending a lot of time going to the doctor’s office for check ups too, but they cannot offer her any helpful advice. At this point, she decided to put a small fan at her desk. This has provided some relief when her hot flashes come in strong, and at home, she installed a window unit in her home office. This allows her to turn on the cooling unit and feel the cool air directly on her. I have often walked into her home and found her kneeling next to the a/c unit with it running at full blast. She keeps the unit operational all year long, even during the Winter. I have tried to reason with her several times because she is wasting money and energy, but she doesn’t want to hear it! I certainly hope she finds a better solution, until her hot flashes subside. I don’t like seeing her so uncomfortable.

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