Installing a new app

Why do we have to get old? I really despise the entire aging process! Every time you believe that you have embraced the road that is in front of you, something else falls into your path to knock you over. Recently, that thing for me is menopause. My mother never went through menopause so I had no real guide on the process; I had no idea when it would hit, plus I wasn’t sure how strenuous it would be. Let me tell you, it sucks! I am not sure if I am hot or cold from minute to minute. My poor Heating and Air Conditioning component is getting the brunt of our menopause attacks. I go back and  forth from air conditioning system to heating system in the same day. My spouse has been actually fantastic about it all, however this week, I could tell he was reaching an end point. He asked to talk to me this afternoon. I could tell that he was a bit nervous. He told me that our utility bill was outrageous this quarter. He wanted to see if we could solve our situation and if I was open to that happening… Not sure what he meant, I inquired more. He said he looked into the Zone Control App for the control unit, this would allow myself and others to make one room of the house just mine to set the temperature at whatever was needed. This way, we be heating or cooling the entire house every day. He was desperately trying to bring our electric bill under control from the heating and air conditioner. It has gotten pretty high with this new journey through menopause.

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