installing a/c in the apartment

I grew up in the midwest where we had window air conditioners throughout the house. Since the summer months got to be unbearably hot, we especially needed window units in the bedrooms or sleep would be impossible. I guess I had it pretty good because I recall that some of my friends’ homes didn’t have air conditioners. I know that my grandfather refused to buy any air conditioners, claiming that our area was only hot for two out of the twelve months of the year. A year ago, I moved into my own place not too far from my childhood home. It was quite a shock to experience the heat and humidity in an old apartment house that supposedly had central air conditioning. I know that the rent was cheap, but the advertisement for the apartment claimed that it had air conditioning. During a recent stretch of hot weather, no matter how low I set the thermostat, the air conditioner struggled to cool down the place even a few degrees. I figured that the a/c system hadn’t been serviced in awhile because, although I could hear the system running, the cool air emitted from the registers barely did a thing. I looked at window air conditioners at a local chain store, figuring I might have to purchase a portable unit just to be able to sleep at night. My only other option was to move back home, and I was determined that I wasn’t going to do that. If only my landlord would return my calls, perhaps he’d pay an HVAC technician to come a do something.   

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