indoor air conditions and the dust

My husband and I have always have difficulties with allergies, but lately they have been getting even worse.  It is Spring and there is a lot of pollen outside, but we are very careful about keeping the windows and the doors shut.  I did however, notice that there was a lot of dust in my house. I don’t mind dusting, but I had to dust every day. There was so much dust, that from the morning when I completed the chore, until evening, I had a ring on my counter, if something had sat there for the day.  I knew there had to be something wrong, because it had never been like this, so I called the HVAC company. I told them about the dust, and how bad our air quality had been lately. I was positive that there had to be a lot of debris build up in the ductwork or in the HVAC system.  When the HVAC tech got to the house, he went right down and he opened up the unit. He said there wasn’t enough dirt or debris to cause this problem. He then looked into the air ducts. He said they looked pretty dirty, but he wanted to check the ductwork. There was so much dirt in the ductwork, that he had to get an industrial vacuum and clean the entire ductwork system.  When he was done, he told us that if we had any further problem with air quality, to give him a call. I was surprised, because I didn’t need to dust for almost a month, and we are back to changing our air filters once a month instead of weekly.

indoor air quality

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