Importance of heating in the home

My husband and I have been house-hunting for several months now. We’ve been all over several states on how, where, when, what, etc. We’re simply unable to decide on anything other than the type of climate we’re after. We’ve been living in a drastically hot desert climate our whole lives, so we want to live in a colder climate as we think we’ll find it much more comfortable. After staying in a cold climate for a week, we also realize the importance of heating inside the home. Now we prioritize this as we do value our comfort as well. We found a great house with something called radiant heated floors that offer the single most amazing heating experience we’ve ever come across. It was simply heavenly, and we loved being able to literally feel the heating radiating from our feet. It was just worlds apart from standard heating, and we’re on the lookout for the system now! Let’s hope we find something within our price range.

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