I’m very reluctant to leave

My cousin, Sarah, got married Last year week it was an high-priced affair.  She spent over ten thousand dollars on her dress, and pondered over everything from the flavor of the desert to the exact shade of color of the dress for her bridesmaids.  She dedicated six months to the planning of the wedding, and still decided to hold the ceremony and reception outside. While she chose a great meadow with a small lake, wildflowers and a view of the river, there was no access to either heating or cooling nearby. In our neck of the woods, the weather is both drastic and unforgiving.  Between the frigid temperatures of Winter and the humidity in the summer, there’s never a time when we can go without some type of heating or cooling system near. Sarah went to extreme expenses and effort to ensure everything would be perfect. Every chair was tied with a pink bow and there were twinkle lights decorating the surrounding area.  Unfortunately, the temperature was nearly one hundred degrees, with no hint of a breeze and high humidity. It stormed the night before so the ground was muddy and uneven. Thanks to the proximity to the lake, there was an abundance of mosquitoes biting everyone. Instead of enjoying the perfect temperature of an air conditioned venue, we sat in the mud and nearly got heatstroke.  The entire wedding party ended up with severe bug bites, and one of the older women passed out. Rather than adjust the temperature control to the ideal setting indoors, the wedding party was drenched in sweat, the cake was ruined, and most of the guests ran off.

epic A/C 

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