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I am very serious about writing crime novels and have various books that have been published already.  For the last 6 months, I have been writing a new crime novel. I wanted this book to be unlike anything I had every written before but when it came to the murder scene, I had a major case of writer’s block.  This happens to writers but not often to me. No matter what I did I could not get past the writer’s block. Then one Sunday morning I was watching an animated film with our daughter and the main character in this film was traveling through some pipes to get to his destination.  That is what gave me a great idea! I decided to have the intended murder victim running from her attacker and in an effort to get away from this crazy dude she crawled into an air vent in a large commercial building. It was her hope that by crawling through the air ducts she could hide and escape from her would be attacker.  As she was silently laying in the duck work hiding from the killer, she realized that he was totally on to her and knows that she is hiding in the air vents. The killer decides to get her to come out of the ducts by dropping the air conditioning to 50 degrees. The killer had every hope that freezing air would force his intended victim out of the air ducts.  But when the freezing frosty air didn’t cause her to leave her hiding spot, he tried the opposite by cranking up the gas furnace to 90 degrees and waited. He waited for hours but his victim never came out. He did not realize that his intended victim had died of a heat stroke up in the air ducts brought on by high setting of the gas furnace. I would not want to spoil the whole book but things beginning to get a little ripe for the office employees.

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