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If you call a HVAC company after standard business hours, most likely they will charge you extra money. So personally, anytime I encounter a major HVAC service, I make sure to deal with it in the 9-5 range between Monday morning and Friday afternoon. I recall one summer weekend when my air conditioner suddenly quit on me. Frankly, it was the worst weekend of my life…because I decided not to call for an A/C repair technician. As I understand it, most HVAC companies don’t even work over the weekend unless you spend double the regular fee. It counts as emergency service even if you just have them over for an hour or two! Rather than spend money on an expensive cooling system repair, I just sweated my little butt off for the entire weekend. Frankly, I spent almost all of that time in the pool attempting to cool off. And at night I dragged out a couple ancient box fans, positioning them to blow directly at me. I even tried setting a block of ice in front of the fans for a makeshift poor person’s cooling unit. Honestly, it worked alright, but I was understandably excited when Monday rolled around and I could call the cooling business. I scheduled an appointment for that same afternoon. When the HVAC company came out and serviced the A/C unit in just 45 minutes! Although I was only charged the normal rate, I still was fairly upset. There are few things more frustrating than suffering unnecessarily and belatedly realizing the remedy would have been simple. The HVAC company technician simply cleaned the A/C unit. Honestly, that was all I would have needed to do to make the air conditioner work again; I could have had cooling all weekend! Also, I could have saved the money I wasted on that cooling service. I, however, waited in agony all weekend when all I truly needed was someone to wash my A/C unit!

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