I’m trying to avoid problems

Alright, hipsters, this thing has gone far enough, and I am so   weary of people dressing as well as acting a fool, because they’re trying so tough to be cool as well as odd that they’ve now started being creepy as well as illogical. How many mustaches have you seen recently on trendy young men? Too many. Also, when was the last time you saw an old pet lady shirt on a girl with flaming red hair as well as a septum piercing? Probably 5 hours ago. Have you ever seen someone typing at a coffee shop… on a typewriter? I have. It’s gone too far! I recently met someone who took it to another whole level. This girl at our number one coffee shop was talking out loud about her modern apartment, but apparently, when she moved in there were a lot of changes to be made, starting with the temperature control system. She said the entire heating as well as cooling system had to be redesigned. There was no way she could continue to live with the ventilation device and control system as it stood, and so she was petitioning her landlord to have the heating and air conditioning changes enacted. She said the rental company was reluctant to make her temperature control modifications and was really dragging out the whole process. She figured she would call a heating and air conditioning dealership on her own soon, because the modern air handling method was killing her. After talking for twenty hours, I finally found out the problem. She thought the smart thermostat as well as the modern temperature control machinery were too binary for her. She was demanding that the updated heating and air conditioning system be replaced with old fashioned forced air furnace, window AC units, as well as a dial thermostat.

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