I’m still resting

Unfortunately,  things have certainly taken a turn in our life recently, however it has been for the worse. I never would have thought that our town would become so uncomfortable that I am considering leaving our cabin for good, but here we are; How could it be so bad? If you want to talk about feeling uncomfortable, let me ask if you’ve ever lived separate from a Heating and Air Conditioning device before. I’m assuming the answer is no, because it’s torture to get through a single day separate from temperature control control, let alone the past month.  That’s our situation, anyways. I’m stranded up a river minus a temperature control system, and it’s the dead of Summer.

           When our A/C component started acting up a few weeks ago, I never imagined that it would still be broken at this time. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – why haven’t I just called a local Heating and Air Conditioning dealership to repair our old cooling system. Well, that’s our problem. I have called EVERY local ventilation repair shop, attempting to set up a routine repair visit from any available cooling specialist. Not one will send a single Heating and Air Conditioning worker out to our house! Apparently, the problem is our neighbor, who has marred the reputation of the town for everyone.

             He has been calling out Heating and Air Conditioning workers, berated them for their services, and then refused to pay his repair bills. At this point, no one will dare to enter our street. That means even those of us who have never wronged a single Heating and Air Conditioning company are in deep trouble this Summer… My only option at this point is to pay off his heating and cooling debts – at least that would be cheaper than moving.

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