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I’m from an area where the weather conditions are constantly changing. Meteorologists claim that the jet stream, predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe, is the cause of the temperature fluctuation. Every spring, like clockwork, the polar jet stream starts to journey north, following the sun allowing the warmer air to move up into the northern regions of the country. But the jet stream is fickle. It can cause the middle of January to feel like the summer, only to bring a cold front in the middle of April! As a result, northerners are regularly decreasing their temperature controls to accommodate the changes. Don’t even think about heading out to work in the day without checking the weather station first! You may think the weather should be warming up based on the time of year, when in actuality, the weathermen calls for snow. People have began to update their temperature controls to electronic thermostats, which adjust the furnace settings automatically, depending on how they are programmed! Smart temperature controls are great for meeting the needs of each individual customer. But when the external temperature gets above sixty degrees, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that the hot weather is here to stay, occasionally turning the furnace off in addition to opening the windows. As the month of May approaches, people often switch their Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C proposal from the furnace to the a/c. It happens every year, and the locals are still fooled by a warm streak. But after a few days, reality hits (again) as the jet stream moves south and the cool weather returns. The foolhardy make the adjustment to the temperature control again, closing the windows in addition to putting Wintertime clothes back on. The pattern repeats year after year.

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