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Working for an HVAC company I’ve heard many horror stories about what happens when people neglect to have annual maintenance done on their systems. I, myself, have never experienced that.  I may be setting myself up by saying that, but ever since I moved into my house I haven’t had any problems with my heating or cooling system. Of course it helps that I work as a receptionist for the local HVAC dealer and they are always reminding me to have check-ups done.  I used to be terrible about remembering things like home repair and maintenance but I have gotten much better over the years. I haven’t had any troubles since I became more diligent in that area and I hope that my good luck continues. I can still recall my father telling me that old saying of “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”, however, when it comes to things as important as your HVAC system you should definitely have them looked at on an annual basis to avoid any major problems in the future. I know for myself,  I don’t want my furnace to fail right in the middle of a cold winter’s night when I need it the most. I guess I shouldn’t really say that it is luck that has kept me comfortable but the fact that I work for a great company with awesome technicians that make sure everything is running smoothly. Maybe if some of our clients took the same advice that I’m given they would avoid major problems as well. I always feel bad when I have to tell them that it’s going to be a day or two before someone can arrive at their house to fix their climate control.

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