I’m not sure what to do now

I write young adult books and I am always hunting for pictures to put in the books.  My latest book is a fantasy, and I have all kinds of dream scenes with elves, fairies, and winged things.  I was looking at the photos I have gathered to send to our graphic artist, & I had to laugh. There is some sort of weird smog hanging out at the top of each mountain.  I was talking about the fog we had in our kitchen. It just struck me as funny. Our Heating & A/C corporation told us that my husband and I needed to put in some kind of air cleaner to be rid of the fog that hangs out and he said it would improve the air quality.  I wonder if an air cleaner can get rid of the smog that hangs on top of old Elf Mountain. A giant fan that pulls the terrible air out instantly might improve the attitude of some of those elves. Maybe that’s all they need is to have enjoyable air quality, instead of such yucky air quality.  When the air quality is poor, I’m certain you don’t feel well, and when you can’t feel well, you are in a terrible mood. The mood of some of our characters is quite ugly, so maybe it’s because of this foul air. I could change the whole scene of the book if I were to put in a enjoyable air cleaner and change the air quality from awful to good.  I don’t think if it would help the book, however it might be interesting.

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