I’m going to sleep great

I like to spend as much time in nature as  I can. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember because my dad constantly took me along on outdoor adventures with him. He wanted me to have the opportunity to get out of the city and see all of the amazing scenery that was in our area. Now, when I go on trips, I still have the time of my life, but there are times when I have a hard time getting my friends to join me.  Where I live the summers tend to be hot and humid which makes them reluctant to spend the weekend in a setting that doesn’t have an air conditioner. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a cooling system in my house, although I would hate it if I was that dependent on it! For some of my friends, the only way to get them out of the house and into nature would be to tell them that I was bringing a portable air conditioning along for the trip.   If I had a campsite with a power hook-up this would be an option, although I refuse to be the girl at the campsite who has an air conditioning blowing in her tent! How ridiculous! People need to put themselves outside of their comfort zones more often. I feel all of us have become far, far too reliant on our appliances. An air conditioning is a great thing to have, however it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our surroundings. I can’t imagine the world where I stay cooped up inside all day just because of a little hot weather!

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