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Joe isn’t  sure how much more Winter season weather he can take this year; every time he knows that Springtime is coming around the corner, it snows again… He has never had such high heating bills in his life. He tries to conserve his energy costs and heat as much as he can, but he’s renting an apartment that has a heat pump, and with the heat pump, you can’t simply turn off the heater, because sometimes the pipes will freeze and crack… The property owner warned him about the heat pump when he first signed the lease. He tried turning the heat down to 56 as he normally did. Then he bundled up to stay warm. He was used to his own energy saving ways. He didn’t complain too much about the severe cold. He did notice that with the temperature control set to the slightly lower temperature, the heat pump was engaging more frequently! So, if he set the temperature control several degrees higher, then it wouldn’t engage as much. He just couldn’t make sense out of the fact  that he could save currency with higher temperatures. It had something to do with taking more energy for the heat pump to fully engage… Or, at least that is what the contractor from the Heating & A/C company was trying to explain to him last week. He asked the property owner to send out a reputable Heating & A/C contractor for a service check. He wanted to find a way to lower the heating bill. Once the contractor cleaned out all of the air vents and stripped the ductwork, Joe observed a bit of a difference.

humidity control 

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