I’m glad the A/C is turned off

The scenery near my lake property is filled with sprawling oak trees and beautiful lake views. All of my friends along with the two of us have purchased lakefront properties. It’s a Wonderful Time of the Year when there are glistening fields of pale blue daisies that go on for kilometers. The two of us love to take photographic panoramic views of the landscape, plus post them on our Snapchat Pages. These types of areas are wonderful for finding hiking trails that lead to waterfalls the two of us have never before found. The two of us have genuinely found a few things that are detestable about this area, like always having to rely on our cooling equipment to be comfortable. The humidity that comes from the lake, causes a lot of problems for our property. The two of us have to monitor our cooling equipment, along with the indoor humidity levels. It can run out the wood at our lake property, if the humidity levels become too high. The two of us entirely rely on our heating along with cooling equipment, to provide the perfect environment inside of our lake property. The two of us use a Wi-Fi thermostat to monitor the temperature levels when we are in the city. The two of us have our smart thermostat set up to monitor the heating plus cooling equipment, and even our dehumidifier. Everything is set up, so the two of us can entirely monitor our lake property, without having to be present at the time. It’s some pretty technical stuff, if you ask a nun.

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