I’m glad it’s cooler in here

As always I find this time of year to be extra frustrating because there are days when it is so sizzling that I walk over to the temperature control to switch it over to the central air setting just to maintain a comfortable temperature in my house.  Then, during the following the afternoon frost on the ground forces me to return to the temperature control to flip it over to heating method.  Then there are those days where I take many trips to the control panel switching back plus forth between the heating plus cooling systems.  In the afternoon, the outside temperature reaches the 40s so I need to have the heating turned on.  By then, it is starting to the temperature rises so I turn the heat off plus open the windows.  Then, by noon, the temperature so hot that I need switch on the cooling system. This will be the last of my trip to the to the temperature control until sunset. Luckily this will be my last trip to the temperature. Sundown will bring much cooler air and I will need to switch the cooling method to the off mode.  All these trips become very frustrating.  Occasionally, I fantasize that the switch on the temperature control just wants to cut off as its way of surrendering to the conflicting demands.  I know, this is not likely to happen but still this though make me wonder about what I would do if that really happened. With this in mind, I decided it was time plus upgrade to the smart temperature control so I am able to control it directly from my iPhone as many of my friends had done already. The only concern that remains is how I will be able to get in all my steps for the day without so various trips to the temperature control.

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