I’m getting happy

I’m not sure what happened that night that our home caught on fire.  I believe that I am terribly guilty because I was the person who kicked the trash can when it spilled all over the floor.  I’m the person who was so agitated over the mess in the house, that I wished it would burn down and every one of us could just start over.  It seemed as if about everywhere I looked, there was some kind of disarray in the lake house and I was overwhelmed with constantly seeing it a mess and not seeing any kind of improvement.  My daughter, her husband, and my husband and I had been spending every minute that every one of us weren’t in work, trying to remodel the house. All of us had the kitchen about finished. However, I was tired and overwrought.  My granddaughter was more than two at the time, and she would work with a hammer and try to help. She even helped to set the tiles in the kitchen. So when the fire started, I was almost happy. However, then the guilt set in. Everything that was important to me was up in the attic where the fire started.  I looked at the modern air conditioner equipment that was laying in the living room, waiting to be installed. I thought of all the strenuous work my husband had done, while we were installing the modern furnace. I looked at the carefully finished HVAC ducts that he had installed for the AC. As I called the fire company and walked outside, I felt as though about I had wasted an hour of time just lamenting on what every one of us were losing.  It entirely only took me a couple of minutes. I believe it is just like when they say your entire life passes before your eyes when you are dying.

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