I’m feeling downright sick

My family has been flourishing in the grape farming business for over a hundred years.  The grapes are carefully harvested, shipped and used for juice, jam and other things. However a few years ago, my dad and I started playing around with wine making.  The wine that we produced turned out so tasty, that we ended up getting a license to sell it. We’ve new increased production to the point that both of us could no longer handle the process in my father’s basement.  To accommodate our recently growing business, we constructed a dedicated winery. This allows us plenty of room to store the wine while they age properly. However, it’s so crucial to maintain a steady, chilly year round temperature.  It took us quite awhile and a lot of studying to figure out how to handle heating and cooling in the winery. Since both of us were just getting started and putting a big chunk of money into the construction of the building, there weren’t a lot of funds for a proper heating/cooling system.  With the unpredictable weather conditions in our area, we needed a unit which could combat outside hot and cold temperatures between ninety and zero degree temperatures. In the end, both of us decided on a ductless heat and cooling pump. Because both of us required a commercial model, it was rather expensive. However the installation was fairly simple and the component is energy efficient.  The indoor component is petite, lightweight and mounted up high on the wall where it is completely out of the way. The system provides both heating and cooling capability, and maintains a very proper temperature. It’s simple to operate and has totally satisfied our business needs.

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