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I should have listened to my brother, before I left my newly remodeled home on a month long trip. I decided I was going to turn our furnace off to save money. I did not think it was wise to waste money heating an empty house.  Also, the heater had been working hard all winter so It give the furnace a much need break. It would also lower our bills plus I didn’t want to worry about the gas furnace while on our trip. My brother explained to me that it was an awful idea. My brother advised me to leave the gas furnace on low.  This way, the house still would have some heating in it. He told me that turning the gas furnace off completely would cause our pipes to freeze since it was still winter. If they expanded too far, they would burst. I did not follow his advice and I turned off the gas furnace for a week. Of course just as he predicted I  arrived to a wet house. My bathroom pipes did in fact brust. I have a lot of damage to fix now. I need to get a certified plumber to repair all of the pipes. I need someone to help me rip up all our rugs or I will get mold. I also need to get a HVAC specialist as well, and have them look at our furnace. A ton of water got into the heater, does this mean our furnace is destroyed? I am thinking it is possible the gas furnace could rust with the water in it. I want to ask my brother to help me again. But, I don’t want him to be offended that I did not take his advice in the first place.

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