I’m dealing with multiple problems

The two of us have gotten to the end of our point with our roommate Jason. Jason decided to move into our beach house, several weeks ago. Jason has always generally been known to be a good guy, but that was before the two of us had to spend several weeks living with Jason. Jason is not a very clean guy. He leaves a lot of dishes sitting in the sink, and doesn’t generally even pick up after himself. The worst thing of all is the bathroom, because Jason doesn’t really care about clogging up the sink with all of his mustache and beard hair. Jason looks exactly like a Burly Sasquatch, and he grows almost a full beard by the end of the second day. Jason has been flushing that hair down the sink, not realizing that it is solely creating a problem inside of our septic and piping system. The two of us have had problems in our beach house before, when we didn’t realize that you couldn’t flush tampons into the system them. The two of us had to pay for a plumber to come over to our beach house and extract about 7 tampons that had become lodged inside of the piping, 60 feet away from our beach house. We have been talking to Jason about these plumbing and sink concerns, but he doesn’t seem to understand this is a huge problem for our plumbing. Eventually, the two of us are going to have to make a choice about whether Jason can continue to live in this place with us any longer.

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