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It’s really different living in a city as opposed to the small town that I grew up in.  There are many conveniences here that I never would have had back home. There are also way too many people!  I do my best to blend in, however everything is pretty overwhelming to me. Where I grew up, you see, we had a population of less than four thousand people and a lot of corn fields. We literally had one stoplight in my town. We even had  “Bring your tractor to school day” and all the Seniors in High School participated. Needless to say, it wasn’t a bustling town. In fact, the biggest deal that our town was known for was the Settlers Day festival each year. It was a weekend event that my parents help organize. Growing up, I learned to really dislike the festival because we would spend countless hours, for months ahead of time, getting everything ready. Then on the weekend of the big event, we never got any rest because we were working the festival, helping to set up rides, judging pies for the contest, and trying to keep the power on for the town at the same time.  All of the extra electricity needed to run everything was a serious drain on the infrastructure of our town. We always lost power at least two or three times during the weekend which meant that we had no air conditioning to help us relax once got home. The temperature in the house was in the 80’s so I would lay awake, sweating and uncomfortable all night long. My dad refused to take the HVAC dealer’s advice to purchase a whole house generator to make sure our power stayed on during storms or even the festival. Those days, I definitely don’t miss about small town living.

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