I’m confused

When planning family vacations I’m constantly  conscious of the fact that my siblings are picky when it comes to their environment.   Two of my siblings insist on keeping the A/C running at full speed, so when we rent a vacation property this is something I have to keep in mind. I am the polar opposite of my siblings, I would much rather have it warmer than cooler. To satisfy everyone, I always make sure that our vacation rental offers zone control settings. This works wonderfully because it allows my siblings to keep the a/c on in their rooms, and it keeps me from becoming an iceberg.  When we first started taking vacations together we would always battle over the thermostat settings. Since the majority would always win the vote I always ended up freezin. With zone control settings we’re able to relax and spend time together without arguing over the climate control settings. All of us don’t get to spend a lot of time together during the year, so getting rid of extra stressors make all the difference. I care about my siblings, and there’s no way that I would let a little thermostat war over the A/C come between us! A zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning device was a good solution for our dilemma. Now we just have to figure out how to choose our diners so that everyone is ecstatic with that choice too!

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