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I was lounging in our home study the other evening, when I could tell the sweat trickling down between our shoulders was real.  It was too awesome outdoors to put on the air, although I did not want to adjust the thermostat down either. I chose to run a frigid shower, in addition, to cool down.  I certainly had a lot more tasks to do, before I got the wee office cleaned, but it became much too scorching to do much anything. I opened the sash a bit, to force the cool breeze inside, from outside.  I was about ready to stop putting down my clothes, when I again could hear the oil heater turn on. I just didn’t get it. It had to be at least eighty-three in the section, so why was the oil furnace was turning on?  I reckoned that the cooling from the window was primarily landing on the thermostat causing it to falsely assume the temperature was plummeting. That would have become a great reason for the oil heater to flip on. I closed the opening and still I could hear the thermostat snap when it told the oil heat that the heat had dropped.  I finished my work, but then I went in search of my hubby. I told him what was occurring with regard to the warmth in our home office. Manly, came down the stairs in order to look at the oil heat, he then came upstairs. He was in the home office for about five seconds when he jumped out to take my hand rigidly. He slammed the door trailing us, in addition to Hubby pointed at the thermostat.  As I was placing the sheets into the cabinet, I had to have touched the dial. It was flashing over eighty-two on the digital screen.

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