Ice Storm and No Heat

This past January brought a huge ice storm to our region of the northeast. The weather people had predicted it and followed it seemingly inch by inch across our area and then stayed on the air all day to show the devastation the storm was causing.  Our area was hit badly with trees down everywhere blocking streets and causing massive power outages. We had watched the storm heading our way on TV and then went to bed hoping for the best in the morning. When my wife and I woke we were surprised to see that we still had power and that our home was nice and warm.  The TV news quickly let us know that we were very lucky to have power as most of our city did not. We suddenly heard a huge crashing noise coming from our back hard and hurried to see what had happened. A large tree from our neighbors yard had crashed into our yard taking our fence and most of our deck down. I also could see the power line under the weight of some of the branches.  But somehow our power remained on. It was a bit like survivors guilt when we found out that many of our neighbors were without power and consequently heat. The next few days were a blur with trying to get our mess cleaned and offering help to neighbors. We ended up have a number of neighbors stay with us as we had heat and electricity. We even still had cable TV so our place became the club house for the whole street.  We even ran electrical cords to our neighbors so that they could keep their refrigerators running and not lose all their food. Eventually everyone got their power back on and could enjoy their own furnaces again.

heater system

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