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 I just hate staying still for long. In my thirty five years of ife on this planet, I have lived in almost every state in the union plus quite a few other countries too. I guess you could say I live a nomadic life, but I would not have it otherwise. I have regularly enjoyed the road plus travelling around, and occasionally it can get strenuous in terms of cash plus tasks. I am a trained plus licensed HVAC contractor by trade. It is nice to have a useful  skill I can bring with me on the road, though it isn’t the best thing when it comes to finding work.

             It’s not as if every site I go to is lacking in HVAC contractors, or in some cases even have HVAC equipment to service. I like to stay in forested areas that are devoid of people plus civilization. Not numerous gas heating systems to tune up in the middle of the woods!. I am prudent though plus will call up local HVAC companies before moving to a new area. I explain that I am only going to be available temporarily plus would like to pick up any extra tasks they might need done… This does work out more than you would imagine.

                For instance, if it is the middle of a heatwave, then an HVAC business might find itself with many more tasks than they have employees to handle. That is a perfect chance for someone like myself to come in plus make some money.

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