I was hoping for something better

Were you aware that there are scented air filters now? I was so excited when I saw them in our local hardware store! Plus, I thought it was an excellent sign that the scented air conditioning filters were the right size for our HVAC unit. I am a large fan of scents, honestly. I have air fresheners in stock constantly and tons of candles. I also appreciate a wonderful lotion. Having scented air filters made wonderful sense. No way does our HVAC component smell good, so that would repair it. And naturally I figured the air quality would have a pleasant scent to it. I figured on liking them, and thought I’d become a lifelong scented air filter girl. I bought all that they had to have scented air filters for the year. I totally regret that decision now, though, and it has barely been a month. The scent I selected was lavender which, sadly, I am starting to hate the smell of now. The scent mixed with the dirt in our HVAC equipment is not a good one. It somehow stinks of old sweat mixed with lavender in the house. Unfortunately, it is often the first thing visitors notice, and when they mention it, it’s not positive. I’ve tried my air fresheners, candles, and lotions, and none of them can get rid of the odor. It seems to be quite potent in the indoor air levels. Lately, it has gotten so awful that I have honestly thought about getting an air purifier just to eliminate the odor. Instead, though, I suppose I will just have to go back to normal filters. But I stocked up on the scented ones, so now I have to see if I can sell cooling filters online.

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