I was glad the differences were explained

I just love everything to do with gardening.  Now that Spring is here I am ready to get our hands dirty in the warm soil again.  Each year I tend to our perennials plus then fill in any added spaces with annuals from the local greenhouse, and there happens to be a new one that just opened up plus I wanted to check out the types of plants they had to offer. The landscaping where the greenhouses were situated were stunning plus I could tell that they had invested quite a lot of time and energy in the buildings plus the landscaping.  Of course, that is their line of work so I am sure that they want to make the best first impression possible. I walked into the greenhouse plus I was extremely disappointed. Not with the plant variety they had, but the condition of the flowers. They were rather wilted plus some of them even had yellowing on the greens, and I couldn’t seem to catch our breath either because the air seemed undoubtedly heavy.  The sun was high in the sky plus I am sure that this was not helping the matter. I ended up imploring one of the staff if there was some reason that the vents on the roof weren’t open for circulation plus he said that the owner said they didn’t need to be. Even though he disagreed with that, he had no approval to open them. The owner insisted that the Heating plus Air Conditioning system was sufficient enough to remove any abundant greenhouse gases plus humidity that was in the greenhouse. I asked to speak to the owner because I own an Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership plus I could tell that the system they had installed was not being used to the fullest of its capabilities..

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