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It’s really not that I wanted to keep the aged rust bucket we had. I definitely wanted the new, sparkly, overpriced equipment! My partner thought I was being completely crazy when I voiced my thoughts. It was after we had a Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance person out to look over our heating plus cooling equipment. We were worried that we were in need of a current one, and our suspicions were suddenly confirmed by the professional. I did have comfort with the thought of upgrading the equipment, it just made me so concerned to think of it in such a way. It had been with our family for so long. It took good care of us for eleven years! Since our kids were born! It wasn’t something I could really take lightly. My partner was seriously anxious to get some current gadgets. In my head I knew I would love to have all of that. I knew it was inevitable. I suppose I just had a moment of silence for the aged Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment plus everything it had done for us over the years. I never really thought about it while I was in those eleven years. It made me feel kind of bad; like I was being ungrateful. Again, as I said earlier, my partner thought I was a crazy person. We had the current equipment put in not long after the first appointment we had. We were completely gratified with the change. I appreciate the total energy efficiency of the current Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. My partner mostly prefers how technological it happens to be. It still warms our beach property in the Winter plus cools it in the summertime. I just want to feel some peace knowing the aged Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment went to a better place. It deserved a nice retirement.

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