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I am a huge fan of being resourceful and creative. Those are qualities I honestly admire in other people, and I aim to embody myself. I find that the older I get, the more respect I have for folks who think how to get things done cheaply, effectively, and originally. It’s interesting to go out and pay on junk, however it takes real skill to be frugal and intelligent about the way your live your life. That’s why I’m returning this costly white noise machine as the people I was with and I speak. It was a kind gift from a distant friend, don’t get me wrong, although I do not need to have a separate machine that only works to create gentle sounds. It seems ridiculous to me, and besides, if the thing is really working respectfully, you shouldn’t even think that it’s there, and nO thank you, I will take our $40 and spend it elsewhere. I already have the best white noise machine on the market, anyways. It is contained in our dehumidifying component at home. About a year ago I started to notice this unpleasant musty stink all throughout our home, and began to investigate around the house. Soon I found a whole mildew farm that was growing in our bathroom and spreading into our home office, as well. I realized that I needed to remove some moisture from our indoor air, so I went and got a cheap dehumidifier from our nearest HVAC business. Ever since that day, I’ve had the most comfortable indoor air conditions, the freshest air you could imagine, and the most peaceful white noise machine that exists.

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