I think this is going to cost us more money

My spouse is a car fanatic.  Specifically, he loves to restore vintage cars.  Wherever we are, if he sees an older vehicle kneeling in someone’s yard or while he is studying the paper, he has to check it out.  He says that it helps him relax when he is really working on bringing these rust buckets back to life. He doesn’t mind doing the body work or even the complicated repairs on the engine and the motor.  Occasionally it takes a couple of weeks before he can even find the right parts to continue the restoration, but that doesn’t slow him down or damper his mood. The funny thing is the only type of repair job that he enjoys to do is certainly working on his cars.  I can’t get him to repair our heating and air conditioning system before the warm season weather or the frigid temperatures of the upcoming Winter season. Our condenser is on the side of our house, not the roof, so occasionally debris will get into it. I looked it up online to see how difficult it would be to scrub it myself, and it didn’t seem too hard… I began by removing the grate over the fan plus vacuumed the debris out.  I used my garden hose to spray the fins. The online guidelines also recommended that I inspect the fins because they bend easily. I didn’t have a fin tool, so I just gently straighten them with a butter knife, being very cautious not to damage the tubing inside. The final step was to level the condenser. The soil under as well as around the condenser will settle getting the pad off-level. I had to look up what shims were, but apparently they are used to bring the condenser back up to a level position.  I did a portion of the heating and air conditioning upkeep, I can’t say that I found a new interest… But at least we are a little closer to getting the HVAC service done!

cool and heat 

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