I think the house is a bit cold

I tried to talk my kids out of going trick-or-treating this Halloween, but it was no use! They were adamant, and even though they grew out of it years ago, they still beg to go every October. This year, they decided that they wanted to make their own costumes, but it wasn’t hard to find instruction online. The hard area was putting it together, but my son, in particular, picked an extra complicated design for his costume. It involved several layers of fabric and padding to give the desired effect. I’ve never thought of myself as a crafty person, and I knew that this would be a very stressful day. I turned the temperature control down by a few degrees to make the condo colder, then as I started working, I felt the condo become colder, and soon afterward warmer. The more I worked on the costume, the hotter I felt. I went and turned the temperature control down another degree. I felt immediate relief when I heard the air conditioner turn on. After a few more steps, the costume was almost finished. My child had not complained once throughout the whole process, but now he was feeling hot too. The last thing I wanted was for the costume to get sweaty. I quickly lowered the temperature control up by two more degrees, and half an hour later, and I was adding the final piece to his costume.  I was having a particularly hard time with it and was covered in sweat when my husband walked through the door. He looked at me and asked, “Honey, why is the condo so cold?” In my frustration, I had not noticed that the condo had been cooled to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

furnace installation 

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