I sleep in an overheated home

My sister Janet and I were totally wild adolescents who liked to get into lots of trouble. We would do the most dangerous things like play paintball in the dark and jump off the roof into our pool. Being a tomboy, she and I wrestled, boxed plus played soccer to the point of injury to both us and the house. Our favorite game to play involved shooting BBs at targets. Janet and I had little orange army boys that we took joy in shooting with our guns. Unfortunately the best site to put them was with the heating and A/C outdoor air compressor. The equipment had a nice grate in it for the army boys to stand on, and air conditioning grates were the perfect width plus height for them to fit on. If you hit the guy, he would fall right out of the heating and A/C. If you did not hit him, the BB would make a clanking noise. Being the perfect setup, Janet and I would spend all summer shooting BBs at the air conditioner. We hid what we did for years by only playing when no one was home. Janet ruined it for us though. One Summer she hit the army guy just right that he fell into the air compressor. The heating and A/C in our house stopped working almost instantly. Our mom found out then, and had to get a heating and A/C business to come assess the damage. Being a costly repair, we weren’t allowed to play that game after that.

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