I should probably call ahead

Yep, I am a huge cheapskate. I’m ready to own up, plus I don’t feel shame about this like I thought I would. I want to live a life with all the comforts and everything although, I don’t like to pay for it if it isn’t necessary. I will find thrifty solutions to my fix my concerns if it’s ever an option.  On example is, I’ve constantly been obsessed with my house in the hills heating and cooling systems. I have wanted to replace at least one of them for about 10 years, however I’ve always been guilty of not wanting to spending the money to promote my own personal gratification. That’s the greatest reason that I want to do something about the one of the HVAC units is because of gratification and  my current temperature control units are so inefficient. I recognize saving money over time by getting a more energy efficient plus reliable HVAC plan for my house would be the best way! However, if I am going to invest in a complete ventilation system, I might as well throw it all in ang get a zone controlled HVAC system with 2 units at the same time! That way I could control the temperature in each room. I would only have to push hot or cold air to the room I was occupying.  Much better than filling the entire area of the home with treated air. That sounds great, however it’s some major expenses. I understand that I would over time I would save on my electric bill. But the staggering cost of this upgrade is too much for me to deal with. That’s why I did this to form a DIY strategy to zone control heating and cooling temperatures in my place. For multiple weeks I’ve been using super heavy school textbooks to cover some air vents in empty rooms. Doing this it’s forcing  air out through the open vents in my den. It works and it totally awesome… until you stub a toe.

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