I remembered some more stuff

The day has been planned down to the very last detail.  The menu is set, invitations sent out, even the photographer is ready to go. I even insisted that an HVAC technician come out to the venue to inspect the HVAC system to ensure that there wouldn’t be any surprises on my wedding day.  When you are young and in love with your spouse to be you can’t help but dream about your fairytale wedding. Most of the preparations have gone off without a hitch. My largest problem came to the candles that we planned on using in the centerpieces. To save money, I ordered all of the candles online from some overseas distributor.  They were half the cost of anything all of us could get locally as well as the company gave free shipping if your order was over a particular amount. We were very careful to order 10 weeks prior to the big day. When the notification came that they had arrived I was very happy to open the box. Boy was I disappointed! The candles inside the box were not only the wrong shade of blue, they were completely misshapen because apparently they had melted into one big glob. Apparently when my candles were loaded on board no one paid attention to the red sticker that said to store in a cool place.  From the looks of my “candles” someone had either placed them next to the heating system or on top of the heating system. You would think these workers would have more common sense than this, but apparently not.

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