I own an HVAC company

I own an HVAC company and I’ve been in the business now for over 30 years. My sons work with me and collectively, my company has installed over 300 new heating and cooling systems in our tri-county area last year alone, and that number doesn’t even begin to figure in the various HVAC repairs that we conducted. Our large staff is always available for the small jobs, like the HVAC tune-ups that are always well received by our public, especially with the very popular coupons that we have out in circulation. Or the commercial installations that we bid on and are awarded quite often. I’m always looking to hire more talent, and in fact, I will actually hire someone that I believe will make a good technician and send them to HVAC training for their certification, and I am rarely disappointed. That person, be it a man or woman, will get all the HVAC training needed to work on any heating or cooling system. Once that newly licensed HVAC technician is certified, he or she will be sent out into the field with a senior HVAC manager. That onsite training will continue for at least 3 months, to better equip the new employee with not only superior HVAC training, but that time spent on the road with the training manager will give the newly licensed technician the opportunity to learn about the people, and just how to help them with all their heating and cooling needs and since I do not expect people to do without heat or air conditioning, that training will come in handy.

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