I need to look inside

Last May, I decided to take my girlfriend on a date. She and I cleared our schedules a week in advance so that the two of us could spend as much time together as possible. My girlfriend and I talked about what type of food we both had a taste for. We even talked about which eating establishments we had last visited! The day of the date, I had to reschedule a meeting, finish my tasks early, and I still raced home to get everything prepared. Before I made it home, I stopped to get a card and some flowers. I planned to go all out for our date; I wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. The evening started out nice. She and I walked slowly to the eating establishment so we could enjoy our company in the cooling breeze! Once inside the eating establishment, I instantly felt a blast of chilly air hit my face. Even after being seated, I observed the temperature stayed consistent, and I began to grow cold. I looked around and found out that the two of us were seated under an air conditioning vent. I asked if my girlfriend and I could be seated away from the vent, however there were no tables available. I excused myself to search for the climate control unit on the way to the restroom. I passed the thermostat; it read 60 degrees. I felt the temperature of the eating establishment was unnecessary for such a nice Spring evening. The entire night, my girlfriend and I sat almost shivering because of the chilling air coming from the vent. Both of us attempted to warm ourselves by ordering hot cappuccinos, however that dream was short lived. I finally asked a hostess if the temperature control unit could be adjusted to a warmer temperature. The hostess adjusted the thermostat to 63 degrees, however it did not keep up from having a chilling dinner.


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