I made my choices

My sister and I own an fiercely big piece of land.  Every spring season, we mount a tremendous load of tasks cleaning up the leaves, weeds, sticks and the pine needles in our yard.  Raking, mowing, blowing & hauling away the dead stuff takes all day and is exhausting. The past year, my sister and I hired some high school kids to help us get it done.  All of us started at nearly nine in the A.M. and then took care of the job until well after evening. The temp was unusually warm and humid, plus all the people together combined to put down seven pitchers of sweet tea.  Near the end of our toiling, I made sure to walk inside the house, shut everything and lower the HVAC. I knew, at the end of the extensive & draining day, my sister and I would be blessed to step inside an air conditioned domicile.  Once my sister and I paid all of the guys, wiped down the tools & put everything back in order, we rolled inside but found the home sizzling & uncomfortable. I rechecked to make sure I’d accurately set the thing and turned on the A/C.  Everything was adjusted just right, however there was just no cool air flow coming from the HVAC. My sister and I then returned to the outside and saw the HVAC component situated next to the dwelling. One of the guys had unquestionably slammed into it with the grass mower.  The outer area was tremendously dented. But worse, he’d attempted to disguise the mistake with a combination of weeds & sticks. My sister and I had no other choice but to call for A/C renovation from the local HVAC company. We were to wait so many days before a credentialed tech was available to fix the mess.  The crash was so elaborate my sister and I decided to buy a totally new outer cabinet, re-install the cooler coil, and the refrigerant was added.

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