I loved the smart thermostat

I was so furious the other day when I found the temperature control unit smashed to pieces on the floor! When I called my sons to ask them what happened to the thermostat, they were very nervous. They both immediately blamed each other for the occurence! My older son said his little brother is the one who threw the baseball at the thermostat and it just shattered to pieces. My younger son countered that his big brother was the one who wanted to play catch inside! When the thermostat shattered, it started to get really hot inside the house because the A/C was no longer working. I knew there was something wrong as soon as I stepped in the door. It was blazing hot inside and that’s when I found the broken thermostat! I asked them why they didn’t call me, I could have contacted an HVAC technician to fix the system! My older son said he couldn’t find the number to my workplace. There were a bunch of emergency numbers on the fridge, but he wasn’t sure which one was my workplace. I basically just grounded the two of them for a week with additional chores to take care of. I thought that was fair enough. They should have used better judgement than to throw a baseball inside the living room. They were lucky the damage wasn’t worse than it was. I took that opportunity to upgrade to a smart thermostat. I had heard good things about them, but I didn’t have a reason to make a thermostat upgrade until mine was broken. So in a way, I was glad the boys broke the old thermostat, because I absolutely loved the smart thermostat!

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