I love our new home

Somewhat recently I had to go looking for some new plumbing fixtures at our local hardware store. They have a rather impressive selection of toilets, sinks, vanities, tubs, showers, as well as kitchen sinks. It seems reasonable that in a hardware as well as home improvement store of this size, they would have some informed employees working in there, especially on the weekends! I feel that everyone who happens to be working on a home improvement project such as a plumbing project entirely would need to go shopping on the weekend. I actually have to, since I am at my job throughout the week! Anyway, when I was in the store looking for some replacements for our ancient toilet, sink, shower, as well as bathtub, I couldn’t find anybody who knew the first thing about plumbing! I was sincerely hoping for some retired plumber to be wandering around the store with all of his know-how about pipes as well as leaks as well as drains at our complete disposal. I consistently thought that once plumbers retired from their jobs, they would absolutely love to go work in the plumbing aisles of the local property improvement store. I suppose that doesn’t happen in our town. There were three people who happened to be working there that I asked for some assistance. Two were gentlemen as well as one was a woman, however none of them even knew what I was talking about when I started speaking about our bathroom remodel. These people didn’t understand anything about plumbing as well as I ended up having to look up all of our plumbing questions on the internet.


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