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I went to visit my aunt and uncle after Hurricane Irma last year. It seems that they get hit with a hurricane, whenever it comes up the coast.  They are far enough inland that they don’t get the storm surge, but they always get the brunt of the winds and the rain. Last year, they had numerous inches of water on their main floor, almost a foot of water in their garage.  Everything had to be taken out of the garage, to prevent mold and mildew. Without their a/c, you could smell the odor of mildew and mold already forming, after the water receded. We spent a week, trying to clean and dry the house up.  I felt like I was melting in the humidity and heat without the presence of air conditioning. The humidity was oppressive because of the moisture in the house, and the heat made us feel like we were living in a sauna. I would have given almost anything for air conditioning that week.  I was honestly ecstatic when I could end the day and go back to the hotel that we were using. They had everything cleaned out, and their a/c was finally working. We took took turns taking a shower, but the stench of the mildew clung to our skin, long after the shower was over. We knew that we’d have to return to the house the following day, so we got take-out for breakfast and relaxed in the a/c for as long as possible. By the time I was ready to go home, the power had come back and the a/c went back on.  The dehumidifier was once again working, and the air in the house was so much better.

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