I know the heater is dirty

I live in the Eastern area of the country, where the weather is typically extreme.  During the Winter season, we tend to get rapidly declining temperatures well below zero,  wind chill and an downfall of snow. During the warmer seasons, the temperature will climb into the upper eighties with terrible humidity.  There is rarely a moment when any of us can get away without operating some type of heating or cooling unit. Because of this, our local shopping centers are all contained indoors and temperature controlled.  I unquestionably hate going to the mall, due to the overuse of the heating and cooling equipment. When the outside temperature is dipping below zero and there’s multiple inches of snow on the ground, it’s necessary to bundle up in coats, boots and gloves.  After parking and walking into the mall, I’m very chilly. Then I step inside the mall and start to overheat. Despite peeling off the coat, and then getting stuck carrying it around, there’s no way to prepare for the all of heat. In the middle of July, when it’s sizzling and sticky outside, the mall feels like stepping inside a deep freezer.  The cooling system pumps so much ice cold air that it’s necessary to wear a jacket. I can’t begin to imagine how much it costs to operate the massive heating and cooling device at such a level. It seems me it would be far more cost-effective to set a more reasonable temperature on the control system. Customers would be more comfortable and more inclined to stick around, shop and spend a lot of money. I do the majority of my shopping online, where I have full control over the temperature.

programmable thermostat 

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