I know service would be smart

A military family like ours, may have the occasion to experience life in several weather conditions across the US. It is particularly stunning how heating and air conditioner can be so different, depending on your location. In a southern climate, homes come equipped with a Heating & Air Conditioning system, at least in new construction. During April to October, our a/c is running all the time. Cooling is necessary because of the hot, humid weather conditions.  No matter how boiling hot it may get outdoors, inside the house is cool. There may be a few afternoons in the Winter when we power on our heating system too and we are glad for it when a chilly snap hits.We can be hot inside.

             In northern weather conditions, these needs are the opposite., Where we lived for a few years, it was strange for homes to have a/cs, and most of the time, the temperate weather conditions was cool enough, that air conditioner was unnecessary. When a heat wave passed, though, we wished that our home had a Heating & Air Conditioning component instead of just a heating system. We bought a portable a/c.  We were happy that the lake house had a good heating system, since Heating was necessary from October-April… Our heating system kept us toasty hot when the weather hovered around 32 degrees for weeks.

            We were so thankful for the warmth! Depending on where you live in the US, the way your Heating & Air Conditioning system functions, might be different.everyone will be thankful for a Heating & Air Conditioning system in good working condition one way or another. I can’t imagine living in a lake house lacking from one ever again.


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