I knew that wouldn’t work

Man do I love catching up with our large cousin Lenny as well as finding out about whatever whacky kick he’s on nowadays… He’s always into something new, whether it’s diehard workout sessions that last 4 hours long, intense mountain rides through snowstorms on his bike, or penning a fictional novel about the turn of the century nuns. He’s always engaged in some brand current scheme to improve his body, mind, as well as life, right now what’s the large deal you ask? Well, he’s decided he wants to be a professional English professor; Not in american schools, no that would be too easy. He is living abroad as well as teaching the language to non-english speakers… In Ukraine, of all locales on the globe! Every time I talk to him, he has recent tales to relate to me. I’ve noticed,  this time he’s seriously interested in the HVAC systems over there. He says that many heating as well as cooling systems are at least 50 years of age as well as hardly operational. He told myself and others that there is no independant thermostat unit, as well as the furnaces as well as AC units are programmed by air temperature control slumlords in each apartment building. He also told me, the most frightening of all, that there usually are absolutely no air vents located in the bathrooms in that city, but this means there’s no air circulation or ventilation to clear out the… complications… that can present themselves there. I thought that it sounded like a disappointing deal when he told myself and others he couldn’t adjust his own heating conditions at home, however now I’ve reconsidered. The lack of current air handling component in public restrooms is really the worst hardship I’ve ever thought of.

heating unit 

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