I just want a good night

We wanted to remodel our house. We’ve lived in it for about two years now and we’ve noticed a lot of things about it that we would like to change. The biggest one we thought about was converting it back to a single family home as opposed to a double. Right now the house is two separate apartments. There’s an upper and lower apartment, each with their own utilities and separate HVAC systems. When we first started living here, we thought it was a great setup, but we became a bit cramped as we started redecorating and buying more furniture.  Then, my husband wanted to work from home and there was no place for a home office. We decided to take over the whole house after the old tenant moved out last year. Since then, we realized that having all that space was way too much! On top of that, having double energy bills was a real headache. The utility company refused to combine the two into one account because there were separate meters for each unit and the systems operated independently of each other. On top of all of that, having all that space was too much cleaning and routine maintenance to keep up with. Even changing the filters on two systems, making sure that each one was tuned up every six months, and adjusting both thermostats became a pain. We  ended up deciding to move completely, Being landlords was not for us, however, it made sense to leave the two spaces separate. We sold the income property for a great price and moved into a perfectly sized single family home not far away. We are definitely much happier maintaining one property and we even have a brand new HVAC system in our new place.


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