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I’d choose to build my very own house if I could; but I’m not financially able to do so right now, so I’m renting a home for the time being while I save up for the next seven or eight years, and trust me when I say that when I build that house, I will be exceedingly particular about every small detail that goes into it… One thing that I will make very certain of having is a zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning unit with a smart thermostat! The zone-controlled features will both allow me to heat or cool different rooms as necessary, as well as the smart thermostat allowing my entire house’s heating and cooling system to be programmed from my phone or tablet. With these features, I’ll be able to conserve no small amount of energy; as I’ll have it simply shut off in the rooms that I’m not using, and remotely control the whole temperature settings of the house while I’m gone from it. I have been researching these incredible Heating & Air Conditioning features because I have a heating & cooling system that is at the moment extremely inefficient. I don’t want to have to deal with something along these lines ever again in the long term, & that’s what sparked my curiosity to begin with. I assume that everyone spends much more time thinking about the designs and looks of their future appliances when thinking about their dream home, although I am the one oddball who is very mechanically minded instead. I want my house to run smoothly, & I want to get the most out of what I’m paying for. For that, efficiency is paramount to me and I hope that I’ll be making the right choices when it comes to these decisions.

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