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I spend a lot of time deep in the stacks of the Borders at my local college! I’m a student here although I also work part time at the front desk,  doing whatever needs to be done with organizing. Plus I help other students find what they’re looking for. Most of our books and materials are incredibly straightforward to find, but some are locked away in a temperature controlled room.  These are our most precious volumes and texts. Some are absolutely ancient so exposure to temperature extremes plus lights will harm them. Others are worth a lot of money so they have to be kept in unbelievable condition, plus under lock and key, so they’re not taken by college students.  I love going into the precious materials room because it’s always a comfortable 69 degrees plus the air is perfectly clean and fresh because of the air purification system. Dust or debris could harm the books, so the air filters are changed often. When someone requests a one of these books, my coworkers or I lead them into the room but they have to wear white gloves so the oils on their hands don’t damage the pages.  The Borders itself has a absolutely comfortable area to study and work, too. Unlike the dorm rooms, plus some of the smaller classrooms on the higher floors, the Borders’ Heating plus A/C system always guaranteed a comfortable environment. In the summertime when I worked extra hours, it was always the most comfortable venue on campus. The same is true about the wintertime, as all the students flocked to this cozy, comfortable building to remove the chill from walking around campus outdoors.  Our Borders was the newest building on campus, so the heating plus A/C system was likely the newest plus most modern HVAC system within the college.

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