I forgot about the upgrades

I own and run a small dance studio, which is in a much larger business complex.  The other tenants and I share a parking area, building upkeep, plus utilities. For the most part, we work this out easily, plus saves us all time & money.  Unfortunately, the building was originally designed as a single giant commercial plan so there is only a single temp control. The temperature dial is located inside a jewelry business, which operates from 7 to 5, seven days a week.  The jeweler prefers keeping his shop nice but moderate for his shoppers in the cold months, however not overly cool while its the warm season. This does not help at all for our needs. I would adore keeping the dance studio far cooler than is comfortable for shoppers.  My students are working out in a rigorous physical activity and they can get really overheated, sluggish and heated. Plus, I’m paying for that and I don’t even use it. With all of the other companies open opposite hours from myself, I occasionally find no heating or air conditioner at all.  The jeweler occasionally forgets about me, turns off the furnace at the end of the afternoon, so I have no way of pumping up the temperature control. My partner and I have spoken with the property manager and proposed upgrading the heating & cooling system to a zoned plan. Each company would then access an independent temperature dial, saving us all cash.  It would regulate energy use and wear on the heating/cooling unit. If the property owner does not spend on this idea soon, I will be forced to find another location for our studio.

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