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I have been friends with my best friend Tara since first grade.  We are now both married as well as each of us have a few kids. Since we met our friendship has consistently been superb.   Tara now lives in mountainous area with the most attractive fall as well as Winter months in the nation. The leaves put on a truly nice show with their range of colors before they shed them for the Winter season.  I on the other hand stay on the coast within walking distance from the beach. The beach where we live has lovely sand with crystal clear water! Because of the extreme temperature as well as climate difference between our two regions we often visit each other’s properties.  Last year, my family decided to visit my friend as well as her family in December when they received some snowfall. After we had settled in I quickly noticed that even with the frosty temperatures outside, my friend’s family walked around inside without shoes. I had to inquire how they had become so adjusted to the frigid temperatures that they were actually comfortable walking around their condo completely barefoot.  She kindly explained that under their ceramic tile floors in many of their rooms was a radiant flooring heating system. Since I had lived in warmer temperatures for most of my life she had to explain in further detail. I finally was able to understand that the in floor Radiant-floor heating has been around for a very long while! An electric radiant system is made up of thin heating cables, very similar to the wires in an electric blanket.  They are installed under ceramic tile and the floor radiates heat, warming you all over… This was an unexpected but very pleasant addition to our Winter season getaway.

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